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[3DS/DSi] クラニン会員特典「任天童子」配信スタート、特別サイトもオープン





 □任天童子倶楽部 (任天堂)
  編集者: にんてんまん
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cheap beats headphones 2013/04/20 AM04:10
Contrast “Compton” with the particular album's previously released melodies "Swimming Pools (Sipped)" and "The Art of Peer Pressure, " where Kendrick climbed on the inside of his head and asked everyone in the future with him, and the latest single's immediacy will be clear. "Swimming Pools" and "Peer Pressure" worked well best as bugged-out V. S. A raps in the particular mode of J. Cole's I'm-a-nice-guy-anti-charm and Drake's I'm-oh-so-conflicted smarm. "Compton" is radio-single breezy but boastful, and it still affords Kendrick the opportunity to dole out some of his rarefied kind of lyricism. Detailing the socio-poltical origins of his hometown's brand of hip-hop, he raps: “We can all collect the rap artists of NWA / America target our rap market, it's controversy and loathe / Harsh reality we're in, made our music read. ” That's a relatively cogent explanation of hip-hop's social importance even though it's tagged "gangsta hip hop, " and coming from a guy who scans as positive to many listeners, it holds some excess weight.
custom dre beats 2013/04/20 AM04:11
Preparing to release “Detox” to help cleanse the ears regarding his audience Dr. Dre offers emotions for this track that are rare considering the planet of hip-hop is filled up with the “popular” of the actual masses! As if an underground artist, he allows the cardiovascular of his voice to help break the concrete crate of his personal views.
casques beats by dre 2013/04/20 AM04:11
There were no mentions of the Detox release during Doctor. Dre’s interview with Your Fader.

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