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[お知らせ] 年末年始に実施したアンケートの結果を公開しました


 → 2010年12月 N-Wii.net利用者アンケート 集計結果
  編集者: にんてんまん
  記事のカテゴリ: N-Wii.netからのお知らせ
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red bottom shoes 2013/04/19 PM05:08
Kapoor’s last film, Phans Gaye Re Obama (2010), a quirky tale of a recession-hit gang of dacoits, was spread needlessly thin across a convoluted plot and too many characters. Jolly LLB – barring some utterly out-of-synch songs and an uninteresting romance track involving Amrita Rao – sticks assuredly with its main plotline: the unconnected rookie lawyer, a minnow trying to fight the biggest fish in the pond—and having to figure out if he’s going to take the bait.
red bottom shoes 2013/04/19 PM05:08
No Hollywood. Amitabh Bachchan has already told us that his role in The Great Gatsby is miniscule – look down at your popcorn and you might miss it. Well let us all look down at our popcorn in unison when that and every other Hollywood film releases here. Irrfan Khan and Anil Kapoor should stay home. And for those of you who go to theaters to see the endless stream of 3D Hollywood films, you’ll just have to get your fix from 3D-Bollywood. Dangerous Isshq wasn’t that bad, was it?

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